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PUBG Introduces New Test Servers ledge grabbing and more

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUGB) has introduced an update on the game’s television servers. The update adds the introduction of the Deagle hand cannon, a larger BP store selection, and an amphibious assault vehicle. Also, you can experience changes in some existing items that include Gas Cans. It will now explode after the new release. Some other additions are easy navigation while vertical and player movement using ledge grab.

In addition, now the fans will be able to communicate through the microphone. This new feature will enable players to mark enemies from the distance. There are also updates to the settings for the custom matches, Weapon Mystery, and brightness options.



Amphibious Assault Vehicle

After this update, players can use the Flare Gun to call down the armor-plated assault BRDM-2. The new amphibious vehicle can be called only as a special package that comes with a Flare Gun. You can find it on almost all the maps. But it is more effective with large bodies of the water. The assault vehicle will replace the previous UAZ. Its total health point is 2500 that is twice of UAZ. Also, the gigantic monster truck of the amphibious assault cannot be damaged. The armor plating will minimize the incoming damages. The incoming damages include grenades, red zone damages, and ammunition-based assaults.


The Deagle is a unique and the latest addition by the PUGB. It is available on all the maps and is designed to deal with the strongest pistol damage and 62 damage per shot. Also, it features a great muzzle velocity. Players will be allowed to put the holographic sight, laser sight, various magazines onto the Deagle. It has a single fire mode and it uses 45 ACP ammunition. Three more rounds will be additional.

Ledge Grab Movement

This feature will enable you to climb the edge of the thing on the map. After this inclusion, players will find jumping easier than ever. Also, it adds fences, edges of the roof, and obstructions up to 2.5 meters high.

Players will have the option to set off the Ledge Grab skill while jumping. During the initial movement process, players can press their space bar continuously when they head towards the desired direction. By doing so, they will be able to grab an obstruction edge. Also, you will have the option to cancel the grab.

As it was the recent addition, you might not use all the features such as the sliding down railings and hanging. These features will be available in the future.

Exploding Gas Cans

Players normally avoid the Gas Can. They use it only for the long distance or when their vehicle is out of fuel. However, the recent update will bring major changes in gas can usage. Now you will find the gas can on the ground. As it is placed down, players can explode it causing damage to players. Also, players can use the gas can to block off some specific area like blocking the bridge. You can use it to create unique traps as well. But gas cans cannot be stacked and multiple dropping will not cause multiple damages.

Implementing Radio Messages

It is important to communicate in a match to ensure proper coordination. Radio messages will serve this purpose. It will help to coordinate with your teammate regardless of the mic situation or region. The key benefit is that language will not be the barrier. They can communicate effectively without the voice chat. Players can simply press F3 or hold the mouse wheel to open their radio UI. They can use the ping function to mark enemies, share an item, or death crates. If they want, they can mute their teammates.

Earning More BP

As players get a few opportunities to get BP, PUGB has made it easier with this new addition. The Survival Supply System feature will offer daily and weekly missions to get BP rewards instead of points. It will reward BP between 200 and 1,500. The daily mission refreshes every day and the weekly missions on the Wednesday only. Also, the Survival Supply System will be there until July 23.

As stated earlier, the new update brings some other changes that include weapon mystery, new skin, improvements in UX or UI. Now players will be able to zoom out and zoom in in the Mystery tab. Twitch broadcasters have been introduced in new skins. The changes to UX/UI will offer increased performance with better readability.

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