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The PUBG Nations Cup 2019 Concludes

This weekend saw the conclusion of the PUBG Nations Cup, where Team Russia were crowned the winners of the competition that was held at the Jangchung Arena in Seoul, South Korea.

The Nations Cup had a combined prize pool of over $500,000 and Team Russia took home the chunk of it for first, walking away with $100,000. Out of 16 other nations, Russia struggled to make it into the top positions after the first couple of rounds, placing 16th and then 6th in the first two games. Their third had them take a win, with 8 kills in total. From there, Russia took a few fourth places, a third, a second place and another win nearer the end of the competition.

Russia was sitting in third place after the first and second day of play, as South Korea led the points tally. Nearer the end of the competition, South Korea had a few bad rounds, placing 13th, 8th and 10th by the time the competition was over, allowing Russia to take their place at the top of the podium.

Team Russia edged out Team South Korea, the runners up in the competition, by just five points. The points tally is calculated based on the number of kills your team gets in each round, as well as how well you place in the game overall. The strength behind Team Russia’s skills seemed to lie within the map of Erangel, as some of their best finishes were on that map.

To round up the top four spots, Canada took the third spot, while Vietnam took fourth place. Big traditional gaming nations such as China and the United States finished in 8th and 10th place respectively.


Teams will now shift focus towards the PUBG Global Championships now as we move towards the final few months of the year. The Global Championships is the final event and represents the best teams throughout the year alongside the best teams in Phase 3.

With a $2 million prize pool up for grabs, it’s sure to be an interesting competition. The group stages are going to be taking place between 8 and 10 November, with the semi-finals kicking off 15 – 17 November. Both of those will take place at the OGN Super Arena in Los Angeles, while the Grand Final will take place at the end of November in Oakland, where no venue has been confirmed as of yet.

Players who still enjoy supporting esports can do so in-game by buying the PGC in-game item, and buying the exclusive team-branded items. These items will be released for all 32 finalist teams when they are announced, and 25% of the money raised for the team items will go to the teams, while the in-game PGC item will contribute towards the prize pool.

The final standings for the PUBG Nations Cup were as follows:


  1. Russia
  2. South Korea
  3. Canada
  4. Vietnam
  5. Germany
  6. Thailand
  7. Taiwan
  8. China
  9. Argentina
  10. United States

And here are the final standings for PUBG Nations Cup 2019!

Photo credit pubg.com


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