Evil Geniuses announce exodus from Rainbow Six Siege

Evil Geniuses announce exodus from Rainbow Six Siege

A prominent North American esports organisation Evil Geniuses announced their departure from Rainbow Six Siege competitive scene, shortly after it was unveiled they will not be participating in the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League.

The shock announcement of Evil Geniuses' exodus from the R6S competitive landscape comes shortly after it was revealed Luminosity Gaming won't be attending Rainbow Six Siege Pro League, and have also declared their departure from the scene, effectively meaning R6S lost two of the most exciting teams.

Evil Geniuses' announcement was a huge shock for both fans and their rivals alike, as no one expected their abrupt departure from the competitive R6S scene. The North American organisation cited "grand plans for world domination" are moving them into a different direction, which might suggest EG will put more focus on their League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive projects, with some speculations suggesting EG will look to build a squad for the upcoming Riot Games' tactical FPS title VALORANT.

“Today we say farewell to Rainbow Six Siege as we exit the game,” read the announcement.

“We are extremely grateful to all of our players for their hard work and are proud of the success they brought to Evil Geniuses and their true embodiment of the #LIVEEVIL lifestyle.”

A Prominent Rainbow Six Siege insider, R6Leakers, claimed that EG's decision was ushered after by a standstill with Pro League organisers, who asked the team to relocate from their home headquarters in Seattle to Las Vegas for the upcoming season, which did not sit well with EG, who were not committed to relocation at this time.

"EG was not committed to relocating from their home base in Seattle to Las Vegas and LG was not committed to their Rainbow Six team," said R6Leakers.

Currently, Evil Geniuses are working on finding a new home for their now-former members in Nathan "nvK" Valenti, Austin "Yung" Trexler, Ammar "Necrox" Albanna, Morquis "Modigga" Hribar and Julio "Spades" Cesar, who are now out of job and left without an organisation to represent in the upcoming NAPL season.

"We want to reach out and thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being a part of the Pro League saga these past four years," read Rainbow Six Siege's announcement.

"We also want to thank all the organisations and teams who have been with us on this journey to grow the Pro League with your talent and dedication. Of all the amazing organisations who have competed, we want to extend a special thanks to Evil Geniuses, Luminosity and Reciprocity -- and it's with a heavy heart for us to confirm they won't be joining us for the next chapter of Rainbow Six Esports."

Rainbow Six Siege also unveiled some big plans for the future, which will change the competitive R6S landscape forever. As revealed R6S is looking to partner up with some of the organisations, while they’re also planning on introducing designated transfer windows, which will provide additional stability of the league.

"We also want to clarify some details on our upcoming US Division. This will be one of the most significant investments into Rainbow Six Esports in North Amerca to date and we're currently in discussion to partner with teams that both support our community and, more importantly, can provide their players with the financial stability to perform at the top of their game."

"Going forward, these invited organisations will have the right to compete in the US Divisions and free to choose their starting roster at the beginning of the 2020 Season.

"During the season, there will be designated transfer windows and rules related to player rosters to provide an additional framework for our teams."

After the official announcement, Evil Geniuses' former captain nvK spoke out against Ubisoft, expressing his dissatisfaction with the direction they're taking R6S esports scene.

"This is in no way anyone’s fault but Ubi’s," nvK said in his Twitlonger post.

"Big organizations are the reason this game has so much success and why the e-sports scene has grown so much. They’re chasing the big organizations away and this is the most vague statement to try and clean up the mess they made."

He went on to state that they [EG] had many talks with organisations and from what he understood most of the other esports teams want nothing to do wit R6S due to the way Ubisoft have been running things. NvK stated that it's not only Ubisoft's system that is terrible, but he also spoke out about poor communication, which was already addressed by ex-Luminosity Gaming member Kian "Hyena" Mozayani, in his Twitlonger rant after it was revealed Luminosity will no longer compete in R6S scene.

Evil Geniuses began their journey into the R6S scene on November 10, 2017 when they acquired the roster of Continuum, which consisted of Troy "Canadian" Jaroslawski, Brandon "BC" Carrm, Necrox, nvK and Yung.

The newly formed team saw immediate success in their first year competing in R6S, by claiming a silver medal at Six Invitational 2018, to which they added runners-up finishes at Pro League Season 7 - North America, DreamHack Austin 2018, Six Major Paris 2018, as well as gold medals from OGA PIT Season 1 - North America and Pro League Season 8 - North America. EG continued with strong performances into 2019, where they picked up silver medal from Pro League Season 9 - Finals, a fourth-place finish at DreamHack Montreal 2019, and a bronze medal from Pro League Season 10 - North America. Unfortunately, they failed to see much success in their journeys through Six Invitational 2019, Six Major Raleigh 2019 and United States Nationals 2019, where they finished fifth-eight, ninth-.12th and fifth-eight respectively.

Most recently EG competed at Pro League Season 11 - North America, where they failed to make much noise, as they finished at the bottom of the standings with an underwhelming 2-3-9 record. During their venture through Pro League Season 11 - North America, EG picked up stalemates against Team Reciprocity, Tempo Storm and eUnited, but failed to defeat DarkZero Esports (2-7), Luminosity (3-7), Team SoloMid (4-7) and Spacestation Gaming (3-7).

Despite their less-than-inspiring results in recent months, EG's core is determined to stay together, meaning they will remain free agents as a bundle, which will give any esports organisation, which wishes to field a complete Rainbow Six Siege roster a chance to pick it up with one clean swoop.

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