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Rogue return to Rainbow Six Siege with Giants Gaming's roster

Rogue return to Rainbow Six Siege with Giants Gaming's roster

Giants Gaming Rainbow Six Siege roster has been acquired by Rogue earlier this Monday after the organization's North American roster disbanded. With that announcement, Rogue has confirmed their return to the R6S scene and are already competing in the European R6S Pro League Season 11, where they secured their first win on day one.


There were a lot of speculations whether it will happen or not and it seems like Rogue were waiting until the last moment to unveil they are returning to the Rainbow Six Siege scene with a new roster.

Rogue's new Rainbow Six Siege roster will consist of four ex-Giants Gaming members Théophile "Hicks" Dupont, Valentin "risze" Liradelfo, Maurice "AceeZ" Erkelenz, and Lukas "korey" Zwingmann, who will be joined by a former Natus Vincere player Jan "ripz" Hucke. Ripz will replace Léo "Alphama" Robine who left Giants Gaming in December to join with eUnited where he will compete in the North American League.


In the official announcement, Rogue's founder and president Franklin Villarreal expressed his excitement for the new signings, stating he is happy his organization found such a talented and consistent roster.

"Rogue has always been a believer in R6S and we wanted to continue to show our commitment to the scene. After North American relegations there wasn't much time to make any decisions before things started being decided for us by outside forces. We worked quickly to secure the best possible future for Rogue in Rainbow Six and we have done it with this roster. I can't wait to see what they can achieve with our infrastructure and support," said Villarreal.

While an exceptional addition for Rogue, what makes the whole ordeal even more exciting is the fact that Rogue unveiled their signing just a couple of hours ahead of the start of European Pro League S11.

Looking back at Giant's roster performances in 2019, they finished second in Season 9 of Pro League Europe and made it to top eight in the season finals. The team also finished runner-up at Allied Minor and DreamHack Valencia 2019, fifth-eighth at Six Major Raleigh and second in season 10 of Pro League Europe.

Risze and co. concluded last season with a fifth-eighth place finish at S10 Pro League Finals after losing to Aerwolf in the quarterfinals.

The signing of Giant’s roster will mark the return of Rogue into the R6S scene after they dropped their North American roster, which suffered a painful relegation to the Challenger League last season.

Out of their old NA R6S roster, Oliver "Slashug" Spencer left for Luminosity Gaming, Tyler "Exl9pse" McMullin left for DarkZero Esports and Franklyn "VertcL" Cordero left for Team Reciprocity. The two remaining members Aaron "Shuttle" Dugger and Kevin "Easilyy" Skokowski both remained with the team until this Monday when they got released, to make room for the new arrivals.

"After North American relegations there wasn’t much time to make any decisions before things started being decided for us by outside forces,” said Villarreal.

“We worked quickly to secure the best possible future for Rogue in Rainbow Six and we have done it with this roster.”


The signing of Giants Gaming roster will mark a new era for Rogue and their Rainbow Six Siege venture, which started back in 2017, during Year 2, when they signed Vertical Gaming roster.

Later in 2018, Rogue finishes third-fourth at Six Invitational 2018, won the NA Pro League Season 7 and finished third-fourth in Season 7 Pro League Finals. Later down the line, Rogue also finished top-three in DreamHack Austin 2018, Six Major Paris 2018, DreamHack Montreal 2018 and won the United States Nationals 2018, which established them as one of the strongest NA teams in the scene.

Despite their dominant run in 2018, however, Rogue struggled to recapture their form in 2019. Their performances worsened throughout the year and while they did manage to win DreamHack Valencia 2019 in July, Rogue ultimately faced relegation, which sent the organization out of the Pro League and into the Challenger League.

Suffice to say, Rogue's ambition for 2020 is to recapture their success from 2018, and while they are now fielding a completely new roster, which competes in a different region, Rogue have all the right to look ahead with confidence, as they secured one of the most promising European rosters, which should will help Rogue relive their glory days.

Rogue already made their debut in the Pro League Season 11 – Europe this Monday, when they defeated Chaos Esports Club 7-5, and are now getting ready to clash with Natus Vincere later on Wednesday in the second playday of the season.

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