Renault Vitality - New RLCS7 World Champions

RLCS7 Grand Final is over with the master class trend by Renault Vitality. It consisted of Victor “Fairy Peak”, Alex “Kaydop” Courant, and “Scrub Killa” Robertson. The team enjoyed the fashion day. However, they looked better with the progress of the tournament. Now they are in a great position with 4-1 win series win on G2 Esports in its Grand Final. Both key players, Fairy Peak and Scrub Kila got the opportunity to lift their dream trophy for the very first time.

On the other side, Kaydop made it clear with his performance is that he is the best player of all-time. The 5 RLCS Grand Finals of this 3v3 player in a row with three wins made the player indisputable. He joined his past teammate Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver in the three-time magical club. Kaydop has also received a lot of appreciations from his fans all over for the distinct achievement.



More About the Grand Final

The Grand Final witnessed a lot of speculations about the performance of key players. Both Renault and G2 were the strong contenders. They came off from the semi-finals and were at their best. G2 made all the preparation with a 4.0 sweep. Vitality achieved the same while defending the Champions Cloud9. Both these teams were in high spirit and were looking to register another win in this Grand Final. They looked just unbeatable. However, the Grand Final always is unpredictable and no one knows which team will be able to perform better. As both these teams were not in pressure, fans are speculating a lot about the final result.

The first game itself created much hype by being the top Rocket League match played ever. Both these teams were planning to dominate and started by exchanging punches. However, G2 performed better in this Grand Final and planning to win in the end. They got the game with the 2-1 score at 0.00. It was just a matter of the time when the game went to their pocket. They performed well in the game and RV also managed to show off their potential.

RV had other plans about the game. The team kept the ball upbeat for about ten seconds. They managed to score equalizer even without forced overtime or dropping the ball. It worked in favor of the RV and they got the momentum again. Soon after, they went to take their overtime. In following two games, they were really good at putting the team on match-point. At this condition, G2 left with no choice except to reverse-sweep to win the title. This was not done for the best of the 7 RLCs series.

G2 was really scattered and they did not know how to perform with RVs pressure. Somehow the team managed to come back to the game and quickly Vitality returned to dominate the game. They scored a 2.0 and were their way to win the trophy. However, G2 had other plans to fight back. They came back to the game again with 2.2 and forced overtime. In the end, a single goal was keeping Vitality away from the trophy. Fairy Peak played last in the game and scored their title-winning goal. He scored it after fifty-two seconds.

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