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Borderlands 3: Takedown at Maliwan's Blacksite Release Date Revealed

All the speculations came to an end about the Borderlands 3 Takedown at Maliwan's Blacksite release date. The release date is official and confirmed. Now you are all set to enjoy your favorite game and explore some unique challenges. The players will not have to wait long. If you are so excited, you can try the post-lunch games to enjoy the end-game challenges. The game will start on November 21 on its developer Gearbox.

All the players are excited to explore something new. They want to know all the hypes about the game were true or not. If you are already done with your campaign, you do not need to wait a long to play your favorite game, new Takedown. However, you will have to prepare yourself for the challenges ahead. You might have heard some interesting things about the game and challenges. So, do all your preparations before leaping.

Gearbox warns the players that the new Takedown will be tuned to the four-level 50 characters challenges with the legendary gear. If you start running by yourself as fast as possible, you can simply get the Vault Hunter vaporized without waiting a lot, in the first fight itself. You might enjoy the game and find it fun regardless of the result. However, you will have to be a bit careful to dominate the game throughout. As the game will be full of challenges, you will have to play intelligently to register a win.

As stated by Gearbox, the Maliwan’s Blacksite will create an example and will become the first in many breakdowns. Each of them will be included in your game with free updates. All of them will come with some advanced features to offer flexible options to players. These updates will be public matching enabled. As a result, players will be able to queue up and they can even try especially when you normally prefer to play solo.

From the recent updates, you might be finding Takedown a bit similar to Raids in some loot-driven online games. However, the group head of Gearbox, Randy Varnell, might not agree with you. As stated by him, the studio wants to make them simple and easy so that players can effortlessly play and enjoy the game whenever they want without spending the entire night. Though these games are easy to play and do not demand the whole night, these are a bit longer than Proving Grounds. But these are not too long and will not occupy all your time, added by Varnell.

He made it clear on the official site that, they will like players to come and enjoy a session. If they want, they can take a break or replay it. They can come again tomorrow and start playing. This is designed to become a replayable content to make it easy for players to start enjoying the game.

This Takedown will come with some specific features. You will find some new additions, especially for players. It will send players to one of the most secure and secret facilities of the Maliwan corporation. New Riot Troopers will be equipped with shields. They will use them to absorb the elemental damage and also, they can use their shield to fire back at you. There will be stealth Troopers. They will be hiding to outmaneuver you. There are three boss fights to test your skill and gear. These are some simple challenges that you will come across in the game.

Besides, there will be some bigger challenges and even commensurate rewards. You can face them while playing on True Vault Hunter Mode. So, you can try to succeed to be rewarded. Yes, you can be rewarded with the best shield in the game. Some other rewards are skin variants and an exclusive head. All these will help you to hone your skills and enjoy your game most. With better planning, you can be rewarded as well.

As the release date is confirmed and a few details about the game are revealed; now you might find the game is easy and exciting. You can start playing after a few weeks. Before that, know more about the games, challenges, and rewards. Prepare yourself with all the updates to enjoy your game and make it more fun and challenging.

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