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First Teamfight Tactics Tournament to be Held

In case you haven’t really been following the development of games and the popularity of the new and upcoming game genres, the “autobattler” genre is a big one and is taking the online esports community by storm.

Twitch Rivals will be hosting the first official Teamfight Tactics tournament in order to celebrate the popularity of Riot Games’ very own autobattler which should, hopefully, rival the numbers of the original games that first made this mode incredibly popular.

Over two days, there will be 64 players battling it out for a $125,000 prize pool. Set to start on 17 July, there will be two groups of 32 players who will play against each other in an elimination style format. The final 16 will then go through to the second day to battle it out for the title.

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is Riot’s answer to the ever-growing popularity of other autobattler games that are making waves right now. Essentially, it’s a strategy game that is round-based and pits you up against seven random opponents in a race to build a team. You’ll be presented with an arena where the battles will take place. You have a bench to keep champions that you purchase, and you’ll be able to move them onto your battlefield each round. Every turn, you’ll gain gold, and the gold income has an interest-based economy, as well as other bonuses based on wins and defeats.

You’ll start off on level one, and each time you level up, you’ll be able to bring one more champion onto the board. Each round, you’ll get a randomized choice of champions and selecting one will cost a certain amount of gold depending on their tier level. As you progress in the game and become more astute at playing, you’ll be able to structure your champions in the right positions, bring in champions of different origins, and give them items.

Every champion has an Origin to them, and each one grants special powers. For example, the Demon origin will give you a chance to burn your opponent’s mana, dealing damage based on the amount burned. This chance then increases with the more Demons you have. Each champion will also be a specific class, so building a team of four Demons, giving you a greater Origin bonus will work well, if you can combine them with a few different Assassin’s, getting both the Demon bonus and the Assassin bonus.

Dota Auto Chess (DAC), arguably the original game, did do exceptionally well as a user developed Dota 2 map, but Valve decided to make their own game called Dota Underlords, after the original DAC developers decided to pursue their own path in the mobile scene. Teamfight Tactics is the response to the surging popularity of these two games and is one of the most popular titles on the Twitch streaming service.

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