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Esports Teams

Image Name Earnings Country
Zumpp - Hearthstone hearthstone Zumpp $13,787.00
BLUEJAYS International - Counterstrike counterstrike BLUEJAYS International $2,373.00 Denmark
Misfits Premier - Leagueoflegends leagueoflegends Misfits Premier $103,244.00 United Kingdom
Gladiators Legion - Overwatch overwatch Gladiators Legion $65,466.00 United States
Shu's Money Crew EU - Overwatch overwatch Shu's Money Crew EU $36,753.00 Europe
NRG Esports - Rocketleague rocketleague NRG Esports $360,850.00 United States
North America
Infinity Esports - Leagueoflegends leagueoflegends Infinity Esports $52,034.00 Costa Rica
Nocturns Gaming - Overwatch overwatch Nocturns Gaming $6,228.00 Argentina
Brazilian Crusaders e-Sports - Pubg pubg Brazilian Crusaders e-Sports $6,714.00 Brazil
Savage Esports - Pubg pubg Savage Esports $24,900.00 Chile
Bootkamp Gaming - Pubg pubg Bootkamp Gaming $106.00 Brazil
Climax Esport - Leagueoflegends leagueoflegends Climax Esport $5,952.00 Malaysia
ATK - Counterstrike counterstrike ATK $750.00 South Africa
United States
Square One - Overwatch overwatch Square One $16,585.00 United States
Team Secret - Rainbowsix rainbowsix Team Secret $73,208.00 Europe
United Kingdom
Team Liquid - Dota2 dota2 Team Liquid $17,825,252.00 Netherlands
INTZ eSports - Rocketleague rocketleague INTZ eSports $14,768.00 Brazil
Renault Vitality - Rocketleague rocketleague Renault Vitality $142,878.00 France
OG - Dota2 dota2 OG $17,740,484.00 Europe
RunAway - Overwatch overwatch RunAway $321,066.00 South Korea