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Esports Teams

Image Name Earnings Country
Stay Frosty - Overwatch overwatch Stay Frosty $48,167.00 Taiwan
GOATS - Overwatch overwatch GOATS $9,271.00 North America
Incognito - Pubg pubg Incognito $17,000.00 Australia
Raise Gaming - Leagueoflegends leagueoflegends Raise Gaming $13,143.00 Taiwan
Pathra - Hearthstone hearthstone Pathra $20,075.00
Invictus Gaming - Dota2 dota2 Invictus Gaming $4,907,619.00 China
Solary - Leagueoflegends leagueoflegends Solary $17,076.00 France
FC Barcelona - Rocketleague rocketleague FC Barcelona $41,314.00 Spain
Rogue - Rocketleague rocketleague Rogue $87,503.00 United States
Spacestation Gaming - Rainbowsix rainbowsix Spacestation Gaming $110,500.00 United States
Team Yetti - Rainbowsix rainbowsix Team Yetti $4,065.00 South Korea
Ex-Secret - Rocketleague rocketleague Ex-Secret $1,000.00 Europe
Just a Minute Gaming Light - Rocketleague rocketleague Just a Minute Gaming Light $357.00 Australia
Jia - Hearthstone hearthstone Jia $33,500.00
Team MCES - Leagueoflegends leagueoflegends Team MCES $2,271.00
Supremacy - Rainbowsix rainbowsix Supremacy $83,400.00 France
Long Red Cordial - Rocketleague rocketleague Long Red Cordial $23.00 Australia
Ground Zero Gaming - Rocketleague rocketleague Ground Zero Gaming $9,640.00 Australia
Ukraine - Dota2 dota2 Ukraine $65,994.00 Ukraine
Isurus Gaming - Pubg pubg Isurus Gaming $600.00 Argentina