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DOTA 2 Esports Teams

Image Name Earnings Country
HAPPY GUYS - Dota2 dota2 HAPPY GUYS $13,659.00 Europe
RoX - Dota2 dota2 RoX $84,363.00 Russia
Natus Vincere North America - Dota2 dota2 Natus Vincere North America $15,290.00 Ukraine
United States
Prodota Gaming X - Dota2 dota2 Prodota Gaming X $110.00 Russia
RRQ.Trust - Dota2 dota2 RRQ.Trust $11,000.00 Thailand
Neon Esports - Dota2 dota2 Neon Esports $50,276.00 Philippines
Infamous - Dota2 dota2 Infamous $433,816.00 Peru
Signify - Dota2 dota2 Signify $74,655.00 India
Magic Hands - Dota2 dota2 Magic Hands $6,133.00 Georgia
Clutch Gamers - Dota2 dota2 Clutch Gamers $62,122.00 Thailand
MEGA-LADA E-sports - Dota2 dota2 MEGA-LADA E-sports $7,530.00 Russia
TPB - Dota2 dota2 TPB $10,225.00 Russia
Power Rangers - Dota2 dota2 Power Rangers $109,808.00 Belarus
Team Archon - Dota2 dota2 Team Archon $48,331.00 United States
S1 Lykos - Dota2 dota2 S1 Lykos $8,802.00 Philippines
Flying Penguins - Dota2 dota2 Flying Penguins $30,000.00 Canada
Brave Heart - Dota2 dota2 Brave Heart $22,244.00 China
Hippomaniacs - Dota2 dota2 Hippomaniacs $12,045.00 Slovakia
Czech Republic
SG e-sports - Dota2 dota2 SG e-sports $263,087.00 Brazil
DeToNator - Dota2 dota2 DeToNator $69,798.00 Japan