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PUBG Esports Teams

Image Name Earnings Country
Gen.G Gold - Pubg pubg Gen.G Gold $490,978.00 South Korea
Elgiganten Gaming - Pubg pubg Elgiganten Gaming $4,700.00 Sweden
Team Liquid - Pubg pubg Team Liquid $661,078.00 Netherlands
UNITY - Pubg pubg UNITY $17,500.00 Russia
Global Esports Xsset - Pubg pubg Global Esports Xsset $16,858.00 Taiwan
Oh My God - Pubg pubg Oh My God $745,236.00 China
Refund Gaming - Pubg pubg Refund Gaming $51,008.00 Vietnam
2BE.4Horsemen - Pubg pubg 2BE.4Horsemen $7,587.00 Thailand
FaZe Clan - Pubg pubg FaZe Clan $324,569.00 United States
OGN Entus Force - Pubg pubg OGN Entus Force $244,108.00 South Korea
CrowCrowd - Pubg pubg CrowCrowd $15,000.00 Russia
X-Quest F - Pubg pubg X-Quest F $161,284.00 China
Ghost Gaming - Pubg pubg Ghost Gaming $227,000.00 United States
Team Reciprocity - Pubg pubg Team Reciprocity $13,820.00 Canada
Team Vitality - Pubg pubg Team Vitality $38,000.00 France
Welcome to South Georgo - Pubg pubg Welcome to South Georgo $237,000.00 Europe
Four Angry Men - Pubg pubg Four Angry Men $209,726.00 China
Team GamerLegion - Pubg pubg Team GamerLegion $2,846.00 Germany
Juggernaut Fortissimus - Pubg pubg Juggernaut Fortissimus $11,941.00 Indonesia
NOVA Monster Shield - Pubg pubg NOVA Monster Shield $12,594.00 Taiwan
Hong Kong