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PUBG Esports Teams

Image Name Earnings Country
RED Canids - Pubg pubg RED Canids $15,750.00 Brazil
Excelerate Gaming - Pubg pubg Excelerate Gaming $3,400.00 United States
Beyond Esports - Pubg pubg Beyond Esports $3,756.00 Thailand
AVANGAR - Pubg pubg AVANGAR $108,074.00 Kazakhstan
Tollenz Lions - Pubg pubg Tollenz Lions $2,000.00 Germany
Wildcard Gaming/Mobile - Pubg pubg Wildcard Gaming/Mobile $14,700.00 United States
Super Survivor Squad - Pubg pubg Super Survivor Squad $100,025.00 China
Team Kinguin - Pubg pubg Team Kinguin $7,600.00 Poland
Crystal Luster - Pubg pubg Crystal Luster $7,439.00 China
Alliance - Pubg pubg Alliance $6,000.00 Sweden
World Class - Pubg pubg World Class $3,129.00 South Korea
ROG Centurion - Pubg pubg ROG Centurion $56,813.00 South Korea
Spacestation Gaming/Mobile - Pubg pubg Spacestation Gaming/Mobile $31,940.00 United States
Vikings Esports - Pubg pubg Vikings Esports $5,008.00 Vietnam
The Prime - Pubg pubg The Prime $3,329.00 Indonesia
Copenhagen Flames - Pubg pubg Copenhagen Flames $23,273.00 Denmark
Royal Never Give Up - Pubg pubg Royal Never Give Up $10,131.00 China
Crest Gaming Xanadu - Pubg pubg Crest Gaming Xanadu $28,491.00 Japan
UNicornGaming - Pubg pubg UNicornGaming $11,215.00 Taiwan
Team MVP - Pubg pubg Team MVP $43,648.00 South Korea