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Latest eSports Transfers

Date Game Player From To
2019-12-29 Spunch None Begrip_Gaming
2019-12-29 Pain None Divine
December 10, 2019 HerO(jOin) TSGaming Military Service
2019-12-06 Sambty Team_Liquid None
2019-12-06 RyaNNNNNN Super_Survivor_Squad D7G_Esports_Club
2019-12-06 Dgtl None Oddity_Esports
2019-12-06 Giovanni None Oddity_Esports
2019-12-06 Vinnie Oddity_Esports None
2019-12-06 JokeRn Bremen_eSports Firestalker
2019-12-06 Autimatic Cloud9 Gen.G_Esports
2019-12-06 Daps Cloud9 Gen.G_Esports
2019-12-06 Koosta Cloud9 Gen.G_Esports
2019-12-06 Elmapuddy Cloud9 (Assistant coach) Gen.G_Esports (Coach)
2019-12-06 Dycha ARCY None
2019-12-06 Key None PaiN_Gaming
2019-12-05 Andrew New_York_Excelsior (Player manager) Los_Angeles_Gladiators (Player manager)
2019-12-05 DaemoN Dallas_Fuel (Assistant coach) None
2019-12-05 Bani None Washington_Justice (Individual coach)
2019-12-05 GetAmazed None Third_Impact (Assistant/player development coach)
2019-12-05 N2S None Tea_Party