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Latest eSports Transfers

Date Game Player From To
2020-01-06 LIQUID None Bigetron_ION (Mobile)
2020-01-06 JCZ None ILLUMINATE_The_Murder (Mobile)
2020-01-06 MICHU (Inactive) None
2020-01-06 THREAT Ninjas_in_Pyjamas (Assistant Coach) Ninjas_in_Pyjamas (Coach)
2020-01-06 Pita Ninjas_in_Pyjamas (Coach) None
2020-01-06 Hatz ORDER None
2020-01-06 Ripz OrgLess_(German_team) Rogue
2020-01-06 Hicks Giants_Gaming Rogue
2020-01-06 Risze Giants_Gaming Rogue
2020-01-06 AceeZ Giants_Gaming Rogue
2020-01-06 Korey Giants_Gaming Rogue
2020-01-06 Easilyy Rogue None
2020-01-06 Shuttle Rogue None
2020-01-06 Vast Oddity_Esports None
2020-01-06 Legion Oddity_Esports None
2020-01-06 Redolent Oddity_Esports None
2020-01-06 Gio Oddity_Esports None
2020-01-06 Dgtl Oddity_Esports None
2020-01-06 Sinnix Oddity_Esports (Coach) None
January 6, 2020 Nice TSGaming KaiZi_Gaming