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Latest eSports Transfers

Date Game Player From To
2019-12-30 MAC-1 Rugratz Rap_Gang
2019-12-30 Nguyen Rap_Gang None
2019-12-30 ZELIN None OFFSET_Esports
2019-12-30 Grzes1x None Pompa_Team
2019-12-30 M4tthii Pompa_Team (Trial) Pompa_Team
2019-12-30 Czapel Pompa_Team (Trial) Pompa_Team
2019-12-30 K1to Sprout None
2019-12-29 Spunch None Begrip_Gaming
2019-12-29 Pain None Divine
2019-12-28 Zlynx OFFSET_Esports (Organization) OFFSET_Esports
2019-12-28 SHOOWTiME Keyd_Stars None
2019-12-28 Minise ARCY None
2019-12-26 CarboN GTZ_Bulls_Esports None
2019-12-26 Kst GTZ_Bulls_Esports None
2019-12-26 Shellzy GTZ_Bulls_Esports None
2019-12-26 Sycrone Maknitude None
2019-12-26 PERCY Maknitude None
2019-12-26 Remoy Maknitude None
2019-12-26 DragoNfly Maknitude None
2019-12-26 Lukki Maknitude None