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Latest eSports Transfers

Date Game Player From To
2020-01-05 Flaw Incept_eSports None
2020-01-05 Boats Rhythm (Substitute) Kanga_Esports (Substitute)
2020-01-05 Nettik Incept_eSports None
2020-01-05 August Rhythm (Substitute) Kanga_Esports (Substitute)
2020-01-05 DannyG Incept_eSports None
2020-01-05 Yoshie Rhythm (Coach) Kanga_Esports (Coach)
2020-01-05 Laes Airborne_Esports_Club None
2020-01-05 Afrika Rhythm (Coach) Kanga_Esports (Coach)
2020-01-05 WondaMike None Absolute_Leverage
2020-01-05 Demonifying None Absolute_Leverage (Substitute)
2020-01-05 Kehpi Absolute_Leverage None
2020-01-05 Infinite Upper90_Esports Business
2020-01-05 Delta None Business
2020-01-05 Toastie None Business
2020-01-05 Decxp None Deep_Space
2020-01-05 Brendan None Deep_Space
2020-01-05 AbsorbentKarma None Deep_Space
2020-01-05 Faykow None WithMyBoyzs
2020-01-05 Ekon None WithMyBoyzs
2020-01-05 Calzafy None WithMyBoyzs