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Latest eSports Transfers

Date Game Player From To
2020-01-05 Magu None VoiD
2020-01-05 Mercy None VoiD
2020-01-05 Rise None VoiD
2020-01-05 Alex161 None TBD
2020-01-05 Blurry None TBD
2020-01-05 Oscillon None TBD
2020-01-05 Raqua None AtlasGaming
2020-01-05 Dore52x None AtlasGaming
2020-01-05 BePeak None TBD
2020-01-05 Tater None TBD
2020-01-05 Inferno None TBD
January 5, 2020 Reynor GamersOrigin None
2020-01-04 Ghost (Daniel Chan) Dota_Hero Team_Oracle
2020-01-04 QO Team_Oracle Team_Oracle (Inactive)
2020-01-04 Kaiwing Hong_Kong_Attitude Talon_Esports
2020-01-04 Whitenoise None Angry_Titans (Stand-ins)
2020-01-04 Moursi None Angry_Titans (Stand-ins)
2020-01-04 Epzz None Angry_Titans (Stand-ins)
2020-01-04 Dolla None Angry_Titans (Stand-ins)
2020-01-04 Hybrid (British player) None Angry_Titans (Stand-ins)