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Latest eSports Transfers

Date Game Player From To
2020-01-04 Naga None Angry_Titans (Stand-ins)
2020-01-04 ABeautifulDeath None Team_Ready
2020-01-04 Rita None Team_Ready
2020-01-04 0zz1e None Team_Ready
2020-01-04 ITypax None Team_Ready
2020-01-04 Mckenz1e None Attack_All_Around
2020-01-04 Kefka None Attack_All_Around
2020-01-04 Botbas None Attack_All_Around
2020-01-04 TrixieFour None Attack_All_Around
2020-01-04 MicrowaveXII None Attack_All_Around
2020-01-04 PR1mE None Kinetic
2020-01-04 Darkwin None Exalty
2020-01-04 MiNd None Kinetic
2020-01-04 Cheezzzy None Exalty
2020-01-04 Queenix Kinetic None
2020-01-04 Teoxys None Exalty
2020-01-04 KILLDREAM Keyd_Stars None
2020-01-04 JaKs None Exalty
2020-01-04 Sense Team_HD Ex-Team_HD
2020-01-04 Theeneox None Exalty