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Latest eSports Transfers

Date Game Player From To
2020-01-04 Tiki Team_HD Ex-Team_HD
2020-01-04 Legend None Exalty (Coach)
2020-01-04 Shooler Team_HD Ex-Team_HD
2020-01-04 Panix BDS_Esport None
2020-01-04 SLiNKYYY Team_HD Ex-Team_HD
2020-01-04 FiskeR BDS_Esport (Coach) None
2020-01-04 BldR Team_HD Ex-Team_HD
2020-01-04 Shellzy None For_The_Win_Esports
2020-01-04 Sark None EXploit_Esports
2020-01-04 DEFINE None ELITIST
2020-01-04 MsN None ELITIST
2020-01-04 Andrew2k None ELITIST
2020-01-04 BaWaN None ELITIST
2020-01-04 Lux0 None ELITIST
2020-01-04 JeyN Team_Heretics (Inactive) Team_Heretics
2020-01-04 Xms None Team_Heretics
2020-01-04 Davidp Team_Heretics None
2020-01-04 Devoduvek Team_Heretics None
2020-01-04 RAge None Hard_Legion_Esports (Trial)
2020-01-04 Speed4k Hard_Legion_Esports Hard_Legion_Esports (Inactive)