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Call of Duty Modern Warfare player reveals a bug on Piccadilly map

Call of Duty Modern Warfare player reveals a bug on Piccadilly map

Call of Duty community found a new in-game bug, which allows for players to stand outside the Piccadilly map, out of reach for other players, meaning we got introduced to a new game-breaking bug barely two days after we saw the deadly chair incident on St. Petrograd.

It seems like it's a weekly occurrence for a new Call of Duty bug to be introduced to the public and while that might sound like a slight exaggeration, this Tuesday marked the day when Call of Duty community found the second in-game bug in less than three days. The in-game bug or glitch got introduced to the public via a video posted by one of the players on Modern Warfare subreddit.

The in-game bug in question took place at Piccadilly map, which is not the fan favourite map, to begin with, due to its sheer size and slightly questionable spawn points among other things that made it one of the least favourite map of the new CoD title.

While the bug did not take place at St. Petrograd like its most recent predecessor, it was discovered during one of the Infected game modes, and while there is no connection to make here, it only goes to show the community really likes the Infected game mode, some even so much they went the lengths to find and exploit the bug to earn an unfair advantage.

The video posted on the Modern Warfare subreddit showcased a player, who was the lone survivor in Infected, standing outside of the map in a bit to fend off the incoming horde of infected players, who seemingly had no way of getting to him.

The incident took place outside of the combat area where the player in question managed to escape the constraints of the map and hid behind a one-way wall, where he could see the other players and shoot at them, while the remaining players had no way of reaching him.

As seen in the video, despite the Infected team’s best efforts to kill the remaining survivor, they failed to reach the said player who had a fairly easy time killing them with his R9-0 shotgun, which proved to be a far superior weapon to the infected players' knives. I guess we could say they quite literally brought a knife to a gunfight and we all know how that goes.

Video: https://bit.ly/2sshs8P

That being said, the player who posted the video explained they managed to kill the player before his nuke went off, however, he did not specify how they managed to do it, besides stating "this was a tad ridiculous and shouldn't have even happened in the first place," and urged the Reddit users to upvote his post for visibility, hoping Infinity Ward would see the event and start working towards fixing the bug in a bid to prevent yet another such incident.

While the revealed in-game bug is not detrimental to players who play the more "traditional" game modes, it is clearly a game-breaking bug for any fan of Infected.

Just a couple of days ago we reported an in-game bug which took place at St. Petrograd, where a player had a deadly encounter with a chair during an Infected game, and while the said bug is not as severe as the newly discovered one, it goes without saying Infinity Ward will most likely put them both on the top of their list, given the popularity of the Infected game mode and their desire to please one of, if not the largest community of players who play their new CoD title.

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