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Modern Warfare Season 3 patch notes, updates, new weapons and more

Modern Warfare Season 3 patch notes, updates, new weapons and more

Season 3 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is here and with it, we are set to be introduced to a plethora of new content for both Warzone battle royale game mode, as well as multiplayer in form of new weapons, maps, operators, gamemodes and much more.


The hype and anticipation surrounding the release of Season 3 was arguably larger than in the previous two seasons and that's not necessarily shocking, given that Season 3 will introduce by far more content, which will also cover the widely-popular Warzone.

The official trailer for Season 3 was released back on Tuesday, April 7, which in short covered what we can expect to see with the newest update, including new vehicles, new operators, new weapons, new maps and more.

What's new with Season 3?

New Maps

With Season 3, we will get introduced to three new multiplayer maps: Aniyah Incursion, Talisk Backlot and Hovec Sawmill.

Talisk Backlot

For some old-school Call of Duty fans, the name Talisk Backlot might ring a bell, and as the name suggests, it is, in fact, a remake of the iconic Call of Duty 4 map Backlot. This will also mark the fifth remastered map that got introduced to Modern Warfare, following Rust, Crash, Vacant and Shipment, with more set to be introduced in the future.

Howec Sawmill

A medium-sized map, set in a sleepy farming village, which saw its main sawmill building catch on fire. Players, as operators will fight within the burning wreckage and around it while taking a visit to the local butchery, mess hall and beekeeper's area, which will have active hives. The map also offers a lot of diversity, allowing players to take their battles on the rooftops of the village's buildings.

Aniyah Incursion

Another medium-sized map, yet one with some familiarity to it, as it is a portion of the original Aniyah Palace map Call of Duty players already got to experience in 10v10 and Ground War. The map will offer close-quarters combat, with players battling it out around the central palace of the map. With small crawl places and numerous entries into the building, Aniyah Incursion will also offer players a chance to flank their enemy, turning this map into a unique experience every CoD fan should enjoy.

New Weapons

For some, the introduction of new maps is the focal talking point of any update, while others eagerly await the release of new weapons, and who can blame them, seeing how Infinity Ward and Activision rarely disappoint with the new gun releases. In Season 2 we got introduced to Grau 5.56 and Striker 45, while Season 3 is set to introduce a semi-automatic marksman rifle SKS and a deadly handgun Renetti.

Renetti - a well-rounded semi-automatic 9mm pistol, which offers an alternative three-round burst attachment, which will award players with great accuracy. A simple, yet very deadly sidearm will excel in close-range combat, while also offering some variety to adapt to other situations players will find themselves in.

SKS - the newest member of the marksman rifle family, SKS is a lightweight semi-auto carbine chambered weapon with 7.62x39mm rounds. Hard-hitting, yet very agile rifle will focus more on utility over the accuracy, while also offering a faster fire rate, making it perfect for anyone who wishes to get up close and personal with the enemy, while also awarding accurate players, who will eliminate the opponents with only a few well-placed shots to the upper chest or head.

As it was the case with all new-release weapons so far, both Renetti and SKS will be available for free, for any player who will take his time to unlock them by levelling up the free version of the Battle Pass. Both guns will also be added to the default lot pol in Warzone.

The Modern Warfare Season 3 roadmap also shows an image of a third, LMG-like weapon, meaning we could see the introduction of three new weapons this season, however, it remains to be seen when the classified weapon will become available for players to use.

Warzone changes

For some, the most exciting changes that will come with Season 3 will come on form of Warzone updates and you can be sure Infinity Ward and Activision did not hold back when releasing some welcomed updates for its widely popular free-to-play battle royale gamemode.

The biggest news coming with Season 3 is the introduction of squads playlist, also known as "Quads", which, as the name would suggest, will allow players to venture off into battle in groups of four. Additionally, Activision deemed the price of Loadout Drops to be still too low, which is why its price has now been set to $10,000.

Other changes coming to Warzone include new skins for vehicles and new cosmetic items, which will be available for purchase via the in-game store, changes made to the ground loot and addition of silenced and non-silenced variations of weapons.

New Operators and changes to the Battle Pass system

Last but definitely not least are changes to the Battle Pass system and the introduction of new Operators. As it was expected, Season 3 will feature a completely new Battle Pass with over 150 items for players to unlock. As it was the case in the previous seasons, the price to unlock the premium Battle Pass sits at 1,000 CoD points, while players will also have the option to buy a 2,400 CoD points bundle, which will award a 20 Tier Skips at 40% discount.

Players who decide to purchase the Battle Pass will have an option to earn back 1,300 CoD points while also unlocking legendary and Epic Operator skins, rare weapon blueprints, watches, vehicle skins, gun charms, XP tokens and more.

Quality of life changes and bugfixes

As expected, Season 3 will introduce a plethora of bug fixes, small updates and quality-of-life changes to both Modern Warfare multiplayer as well as Warzone. Although not all the bugs that have been plaguing the game as of late has been dealt with, Infinity Ward did a good job in fixing some of the biggest and most infuriating issues.

All the changes and updates can be found below.


  • Fixed issue causing players to see full-screen black corruption when naturally progressing through the map.
  • Fixed issue causing smoke grenade from the Underbarrel 40mm smokescreen launcher to not emit any smoke from the grenade.
  • The animation from the player's characters equipping a gas mask will no longer interrupt and block player from deploying their parachute.
  • Weapons that have been switched to Single-fire Mode can now be dropped/swapped for another weapon without having to switch back to full auto.
  • Fixed issue causing players to be unable to revive a teammate in the poppy garden north of the Airport.
  • Fixed issue where players were unable to use self-revive when playing BR solos.
  • Players will no longer be killed before the ATV (and other vehicles) actually impact the player.


  • Fixed Regiments causing error 13-71


  • Lowered the max amount of XP and score given for Decoy Grenade assists
  • Backend fixes to help Memory Error 13-71 issues. If you’re still experiencing this error, please reach out to Activision Customer Support
  • Fixed a bug where more than one dog would be present in the squad walk in the main multiplayer menu
  • As an owner of a regiment, players could sometimes see an error when selecting another player in their regiment. This has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to skip cutscenes in the campaign while using keyboard and mouse controls
  • Fixed a bug where players were sometimes unable to see Clan Tags for other players in the Social Menu after restarting app, or going through a power cycle
  • Fixed an issue where some players could encounter graphical corruptions, causing their screen to have a black ‘shadow’ that followed them. This has been fixed
  • Fix for an area on St. Petrograd that lacked collision and allowed the Recon Drone to fly out of bounds
  • Fixed a bug that made clan tags appear twice
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent players from speaking to their team in a custom match if they switched teams after the match has started


  • Lowered the volume of the plane audio during infil
  • Lowered the audio once you enter the Gulag
  • Reduced the volume of occluded far and distant weapons
  • Some footstep sounds while ADS and crouched were cut short on the distance you could hear them, depending on the surface type


  • Fixed an issue where “The Line Breaker” variant of the EBR could out perform the base version of the same weapon
  • Players with the "Cherry Blossom" variant of the Akimbo handguns could have broken animations while ADS on ladders. This has been fixed
  • Firing a smoke grenade with the under barrel 40mm smokescreen launcher did not emit any smoke from the grenade. This has been fixed
  • Attaching the Sniper Scope to the MK2 Carbine while in the Gunsmith would show a white, opaque lens. This has been fixed.
  • Tightened the pellet spread on the Slug 6-R Mags for the Model 680
  • Akimbo weapons now start with 2 extra magazines of ammunition instead of 1
  • Tightened up the hip spread on the VLK Rogue Shotgun
  • Decreased ADS spread for shotgun slugs
  • Added descriptions to slugs noting that longer barrels and chokes improve ADS accuracy
  • Updating names of weapons to match weapon logos
    • 725: “FTAC Equilibrium” renamed to “Cronen Equilibrium”
    • SA87: “FSS SA87 Heavy Stock Pro” renamed to “XRK SA87 Heavy Stock Pro”
    • RAM-7: “XRK Ranger” renamed to “FSS Ranger
    • Grau 5.56: “FSS 26.4" Archangel” renamed to “Tempus 26.4" Archangel”


  • Added on screen text to call out when a player’s vehicle is damaged
  • Operation Headhunter: Fix for an error that could occur after launching the drone
  • Operation Headhunter: Fixed a bug where the minimap could overlap the Objectives on screen
  • Fall damage is now the same in Co-Op as it is in Warzone


  • We now tell you how far away you are from your teammates while in a match
  • Fix for the gas mask animation interrupting and blocking players from deploying their parachute
  • Various exploit fixes
  • Fix for a bug where players were unable to revive teammates after getting interrupted during the initial revive animation
  • Fixed a bug where players could be killed by vehicles without being near the player
  • Fixed an issue that could display the incorrect rank on screen after the player’s game application had been suspended and reopened
  • Fixed an issue where deploying a Recon Drone would use the VO lines for a Personal Radar. That VO was also heard by all players on the map. This has been fixed
  • Fix for a bug where players could become invincible if they become downed while switching seats in a Tac Rover
  • While spectating a player in the Gulag, the option to redeploy your teammate would appear on screen, even though they cannot be redeployed. This has been fixed
  • If a player spectates the winning team of a BR match, the After-Action Report will display the winning team's score in the scoreboard tab. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where placing a Shield Turret on a teammate could kill them


  • Fixed a bug where players couldn’t swap out the M13 for any other weapon in the Plunder tutorial


  • Fix for players unable to self-revive in Solos
  • Increased price of Loadout Drop within the Buy Station to $10,000
  • Removed Blood Splatter and Screen Shake when being punched in the Gulag waiting area
  • Removed Loss Column from BR Leaderboard and replaced with Top 10s
  • Fixed issue with final circles occurring out of bounds or in undesirable areas
  • Fixed issue with Armor plates and Killstreaks being unusable under certain conditions


  • Several fixes to prevent crashes and improve stability

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