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Travis Scott Fortnite event - What we know about it

Travis Scott Fortnite event - What we know about it

It was a long time coming, but Epic Games finally confirmed the Travis Scott event in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2, which is set to launch on April 23. The celebration will bring with it plenty of surprises for Fortnite players some of which already got unveiled to the public.


It's no secret that Fortnite in-game celebrations draw in masses of players, who descend on the island to enjoy the newest features and exciting events that come with it, no matter what the occasion is, be it a crossover section of the map, or fighting with a huge robot.

Although all in-game events get greeted with plenty of approval from the community, Fortnite's decision to introduce an event with one of the most successful musicians of our time is exactly what Epic Games need to do in the current climate, seeing how Fortnite is rapidly losing players to other game titles. And it's not only the player base, which is leaving Epic Games' battle royale game title but also several prominent content creators and even pro players, which ushered #RipFortnite to start trending on social media. Will Travis Scott's event help with the rapid decline of Fortnite's popularity is anyone's guess, but if the celebration is even remotely as successful as that of Marshmello back in February 2019, only good can come from it.

Now let's check what we know about the event so far.

Five shows and a new track

Epic Games unveiled that the upcoming Travis Scott event will feature five shows, which will be held from April 23-25, which is in a way similar to the Marshmello concert. Although Epic Games seemingly took the same approach as with the previous event featuring a musician, this decision is not all that bad. The event will also feature Cactus Jack himself performing a brand new track.

What's more, there will also be other "other-worldly experience inspired by Cactus Jack's creations," which the players will get a chance to check out on the Island. What exactly that may be is anyone's guess, meaning the players will have to log onto the game and explore the unknown by themselves. 

Shows schedule:

April 23 - The Americas: 7pm EDT

April 24 - EU & ME: 10am EDT

April 25 - Asia & Oceania: 12am EDT

April 25 - EU & ME: 11am EDT

April 25 - The Americas: 6pm EDT

Travis Scott themed skins and cosmetic items

This one should not come off as a surprise to anyone, considering every event in Fortnite to date had its own themed skins and cosmetics and this one will not be any different. Although Epic Games did not unveil what kind of new cosmetics will come into the game, some the reliable data miners beat them to it and revealed a handful of exciting findings.

As seen in the pictures provided by one of the data miners, the Travis Scott event will feature a handful of never-before-seen characters outfits, which includes Astro Jack skin as well as a shirtless version of Travis Scott himself. Adding to the skins, Fortnite is also said to receive a Cactus Jack, new sprays, emotes, Scarlet Satchel and a new Rue skin to go along with it.

This, is, however, only a fraction of what is to come, so you can be sure the Travis Scott event will introduce enough different cosmetics to satisfy anyone's needs.

A private island

Looking back, it would be hard to argue the Pleasant Park wasn't the perfect venue for Marshmello's event. It was simply made for the event, with a packed crowd standing around in the open field, which made it seem like a proper music festival experience. So where will the Travis Scott event be held? The answer is simple - on a Private Island.

Based on the outskirts of the Sweaty Sands, the Travis Scott stage has been slowly built from the ground up over a number of days and while no one really knew how the final product will look like, the data miners were once more hard at work and revealed some pictures, unveiling how the island will look like following the rollout of the 12.41 update.

Travis Scott's stage

Data miner FortTory revealed the final-look of Travis Scott's stage where the show will take place. Next to the stage, which will appear on the aforementioned private island, will also be a number of golden heads that will be placed around the location, which will be used in some of the new challenges.

New Fortnite Challenges

Perhaps the most iconic feature that goes hand-in-hand with Fortnite in-game events are the challenges that come with it and many players would agree the challenges are also the most exciting highlights of any event so far.

Just like how it was with the Deadpool event, the Travis Scott event will feature a set of challenges, which will be themed around Travis Scott himself. The challenges will be called the "Astronomical" challenges, which might be a weird name for some, but as you would expect from Epic Games - the devil is in the details, as the name of the challenges give away some of the other features the event will hold.

FortTory took the liberty to reveal a handful of challenges that await us, as well as rewards that the players will receive for completing them. A few of the challenges that got prematurely unveiled include dancing for 10 seconds on the dance floor at The Yach ort Apres Ski, bouncing off different giant Astro heads, as well as a simple visit to Sweaty Sands. Once the player completes all three mentioned challenges, he/she will receive a new spray, loading screen and a new emote.

With that we have covered five things we know about the upcoming Fortnite Travis Scott event, which will feature a handful of new challenges, skins, cosmetics as well as a debut of Travis Scott's new song "Astronomical".

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