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Hockey & Esports: Hyman Combines Both Together in His Daily Life

Hockey & Esports: Hyman Combines Both Together in His Daily Life

Gaming is an incredibly popular pastime for many around the world, including quality athletes such as NHL star Zach Hyman. Despite having had a career season for the Edmonton Oilers so far, the hockey star has decided to get involved in a capacity that is more than just being a casual gamer.

Recently, it has been made known that the right winger has entered the esports sphere as he is a co-owner of the Toronto-based Eleven Holdings Corp. In his role, he provides direction for an organizational brand that has experienced esports and gaming businesses as part of its portfolio.

One of those known brands is the SoaR Gaming LLC brand. Enthusiasts of the esports scene, whether they be gamers, viewers, streamers, or even sports bettors, will be aware of the team as they continue to be extremely competitive in games such as Valorant. More than 21 million people around the world follow them while more than 400 million impressions are experienced across their social media platforms on a monthly basis.


With those kinds of numbers in mind, and coupled with his passion for gaming which has been held since he was a youngster with his brothers, it is hardly a surprise that Hyman has decided to get involved. Indeed, he is not the first sports star to get involved in an opportunity outside their profession, and he certainly will not be the only one to do so in the future.


Hyman Appears to Have Benefitted Greatly Personally

However, the 30-year-old revealed that he felt that it was important to ensure that he involved himself a little more than being a co-owner, especially as it could help him to get away from the idea of NHL hockey taking over his life 24/7, thus becoming rather unhealthy.

Clearly, it is something that has had a positive impact on his hockey this season, though, as the Edmonton Oilers are certainly benefiting from Hyman’s ability to focus on more than just the ice this season.

As mentioned, the right winger has been enjoying a career year with the Canadian organization, having set a number of personal records in terms of goals and points scored. Naturally, this has been something that many have noticed, including sportsbooks as they take into account his performances on the ice.

According to the latest NHL odds to have been made available, the Edmonton Oilers are currently ranked seventh in terms of winning the Stanley Cup this season. If Hyman is able to continue in the same form that he has shown, then there is every chance that the team could be competing for major honors by the conclusion of this campaign.

Hyman Remains a Team Player

While he may have to put a little more time on the ice and focus more on his hockey if the Oilers are to be in a position to challenge for the Stanley Cup, it does not appear to have taken Hyman away from his duties within the esports sphere.

The right winger may already know and value the importance of being a team player, but he has seemingly managed to transfer those skills into the business world, too. The 30-year-old has continually made himself available as he looks to continue to do good in everything that he does.

One of the major driving forces for him is the charitable arm that the organization has. SoaR Gaming has managed to raise over $50,000 for various charities, while Hyman is a big believer in giving back; something that can be seen by his commitment to creating a foundation in his own family name.

Expect Hyman to Continue to Be on the Ice

However, while he may have a passion for gaming, it does not appear that the professional hockey player will be trading his place alongside global NHL talents Conor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl on the ice for a joystick any time soon. He knows his place, and for Edmonton Oilers fans, their chances of competing for the Stanley Cup would certainly be bettered if Hyman were to be playing for them.

By his own admittance, he is far from the level of quality that those who make up the Valorant roster his company has, while there is not much passion for gaming outside of his immediate family, with his wife not interested and his one-year-old son still far too young.

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