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More changes coming to Modern Warfare in January

More changes coming to Modern Warfare in January

This Saturday Joe Cecot, Infinity Ward's Co-Design Director of Multiplayer unveiled to the community a number of changes are coming to Modern Warfare multiplayer, including a possible new game mode, changes to Trophy System and new class loadout slots.


Since the release of Modern Warfare back in August, the Call of Duty community has been very consistent with their demands for Infinity Ward to implement more loadout slots. While Modern Warfare offers the players five default slots, there is no way of unlocking more, as it was the case in the previous CoD titles, where a player would prestige to unlock up to 10 slots - something that is not doable in MW, as there is no option for players to prestige their ranks.

Last week, the Modern Warfare developer Joel "ArtPeasant" Emslie talked to the fans on MW subreddit, where he unveiled his team have already started working on an update which will add more class slots to the game, while not specifying when exactly the update will find its way into the game, nor how many new slots will be added.

This weekend, however, Cecot responded to a fan on his Twitter account, claiming the extra class slots should launch sometime in January, while not naming the exact date.


That, however, won't be the only change Infinity Ward are planning on making to the Modern Warfare.

While responding to the fan's questions and suggestion on Twitter, Cecot got introduced to an interesting idea, where one of the CoD fans suggested Infinity Ward should make a Gun Game - Cracked crossover game mode, which would, in theory, make for a very exciting, fast-paced and ultimately fun game mode.

Infinity Ward are known for experimenting with new game modes in order to cater to as many players as possible and based on Cecot's response to the suggestion, where he claimed he likes the idea of combining Cranked and Gun Game "a lot", we could be seeing this new mode finding its way into the game in not so distant future.

"We’ve talked about doing variations or other modes using the cranked modifier. DavidMickner coded it up this way for this reason. I’m sure in the future we’ll do some things like this," said Cecot.

Cranked, much like Infected, started off as an April Fool's joke game mode, but was soon met with approval from the CoD community, as the game is designed in a way it forces players to play fast and aggressively, which almost entirely removes the possibility for players to "camp" for kills.

When a player gets a kill in Cranked, he received a significant movement speed boost, as well as faster reload speed and ADS, however, is given 30 seconds to score another kill. If the said player fails to kill another player in the given time he/she dies. The whole premise of Cranked is to chain kills in 30s time frame in order to stay alive, which makes for very exciting and fast-paced gameplay.

Last but not least, Cecot talked about possible changes for the Trophy System as a response to one of the fan's suggestions where the fan claimed he would like to see the Trophy System as a "tactical option" rather than a "field upgrade".

Furthermore, he also talked about the issue where players using the equipment are still taking a lot of damage by the enemy's grenades - something Trophy System should prevent from happening.

"Hey Joe, what’s the design intent of trophy systems still allowing the stopped explosive to hurt you? I have EOD and still feel like I get hurt a lot when I have a trophy down. Also, feel like the speed at tossing them out is super slow," claimed one of the CoD fans.

In response, Cecot said the intent of the Trophy System is not to entirely diminish the explosive damage, but rather to work as a "softer counter".

Cecot went on to say that when Trophies were initially introduced to the game in MW3, it still did a constant 30 damage when destroying an explosive, while also stating he will take a closer look at the fan's claims to either confirm or deny whether the grenades are doing too much damage.

Based on the conversation between the CoD fan and Cecot, it seems possible we will also see some adjustment on how the Trophy Systems will work in the future.

While it's not known whether Infinity Ward will make any tweaks to reduce the damage players receive when using trophies, there is a slight possibility Trophy Systems could become a piece of tactical equipment rather than a field upgrade, which would make it much more balanced in eyes of the community.

As it seems, we could be seeing a handful of changes making its way into Modern Warfare this month and while the first order of business for Infinity Ward are without a doubt the bug fixes, it's safe to say the most anticipated change is the additions of new class slots, which will give the players the needed customization options they were demanding since the game's release.

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